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Unique experience and new isights from the world of exotic animals. More than 115 different animals.

Our Zoo

Unique combinaation of animal sanctuary, mini zoo and natural history museum. During your visit you meet the animals from close and help with their maintenance.


Meet the most common exotic animal pets, find out more about their care, handling, feeding and characters. You cam be charmed with stories about our animals lives. Many od them are adopted cause they loose home in different life situations.


You can see live how snakes are moving, shedding or eating. You can experience how good are lizards at hearing and that is way better than just reading or watching in documentary movies. Our specialtiy is also how succesfully get over your fears and phobias.


An integral part of our institution are many items that are part of the natural history collection on exotic animals. You can see how many bones a snake actually has in its skeleton. You can even touch the skin of a snake or spider.


Big and proper Bioactive terrariums

  • The biggest reptile ZOO in Slovenia

  • Enought space for movements

  • Equiped with hiding places, plants and climbing areas


How you find us

With help of the map you will find us at address Ljubljanska cesta 13a, Bled



We are already engaged in the care of exotic animals. For the past ten years we have also been helping people who have to surrender their animals due to various life situations. We adopt their animals than keep for ourselves or find them a new home.



If we count the animals in terrariums, aquariums and cages, we roughly arrive at such a high number. Most of them are common types of exotic pets, however, you can observe many different shapes, colors and sizes of animals at the exhibition.


There are several activities for school or kindergarten groups

Students, pupils and children from kindergarten can visit us or our animals can come to your institution. The activities take place in the form of a visit, a workshop with a special theme or as a natural history day at our place or at school.

We also hold special camps during the holidays. They are dedicated to animal care, yet relaxing and fun.



Avoid payment at cashery and by tickets online in our webshop.



  • Kids from 7th till 13th years old

  • For all animal lovers, who wants to meet the animals from very close, as their zookeepers

  • Number of attendants are limited, so we recomend early reservations



Birthday celebration traja dve uri. Prva ura je posvečena ogledu in rokovanju z živalmi. Vključeni so tudi slani prigrizki, sadje, zelenjava in negazirana pijača. Število je omejeno na 12 otrok. Primerno je za otroke od 5 do 12 let. Po želji vam oblikujemo tudi vabila.

Zookeeper for a day oskrbnik za en dan za  for young children last three to four hours for older kids and adults traja šest do sedem ur, vključen je tudi obrok. Na programu je oskrba in ravnanja z različnimi živalmi, občasno pa svojo žival predstavijo tudi obiskovalcem delavnic ali tečajev. Cena: 35/70 EUR (vključeno kosilo)

Animal ambasador makes a great gift for young animal lovers! In addition to the honorary title of "Ambassador", the child gets a bunch of benefits Price: EUR 50 per child.



Zoos are important because they teach people about the diversity of species. They also breed and return some rare species to the wild, and enable researches into the biology of individual species. They observe their behavior and thereby more easily define their needs. They take care of the animals like a kind of five-star hotel, and allow people to observe animals in their own place in natural living environments.

Both! Animal owner Nika Leben has taken care of many animals that have been found or lost their homes for several years. But it is not a classic shelter, like the one for kittens or puppies, where the animals are cared for only for a certain period of time and then euthanized if they cannot find another owner. Some animals stay with us until their natural death, or we find them a new home. With their story, appearance and size, they teach future owners of exotic animals how to properly care and what they should pay special attention to.

Of course not, that would be impossible because the animals would be too tired. But mostly visitors pet at least a few animals. In doing so, their keepers closely monitor their well-being, make sure that the animal is not in their hands after feeding or during the sheding, and watch the schedule during the day. When our friends - child volunteers - are present, you will also have the honor of being guided by them through the exhibition and accompanying all around.



The annual ticket is valid for one year from the date of purchase. It is valid for visiting the exhibition (except extraordinary reasons closure).
Family:  110€ Kids (3-15YO): 30€ Adults: 40€ Students, Retired persons 35€


and Help us

Our institution operates and lives exclusively from entrance fees and donations. Surviving in these times is difficult due to the high rent of space and heating costs, as a huge number of animals must be taken care of. Therefore, we invite all animal lovers to donate financial resources that will enable the continuation of our educational role.

You can donate in different ways.

Your help you can donate on our bank account:

Društvo Čudovite živali, Senožeti 42, Spodnja Besnica, 4201 Zgornja Besnica, SI56 6100 0002 5092 598, Delavska hranilnica Kranj. SWIFT BIC: HDELSI22

Over portal Gogetfundingwhere you searc for name Čudežne zverinice potrebujejo pomoč

Companies can support us with animal adoption donations and sponsorships of the animals. COMPANIES

Zahvaljujemo se vam za podporo naši akciji zbiranja pomoči za živali. Postanite del naše zgodbe!